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"I am not a career politician or an establishment Washington insider..."

I believe that we need to reset a tone of individual civility in politics. Group identities make it easy to hate and disregard other humans. As a person of mixed Hispanic, European, and African heritage, I am able to speak to modern social issues from a place of insight and credibility.


My parents were not supposed to get married. The prevailing cultures of their time said that my mom was not "ethnic" enough for my dad. My dad had skin and hair that should have been considered "too dark".


If societal norms had their way, I would not exist.


I was born as a free-spirited person who was hard to place into a single ethnic box,

and I remain a person who rejects establishment norms.

I believe that, by God's grace and with honest and humble people pouring into my life,

I am uniquely fit to help all Americans in this time of national strife.

veteran Luke Edison

I am not a status-quo Republican, nor am I an establishment candidate. As a teen,

I started working in lawn care, restaurants,

and life guarding.

During my early twenties, I worked in technology, management, and personal fitness training. Most recently, I have worked with the ATF and serve in the United States Air Force.


This experience of job-hopping and struggling to find stability in life is not unique to me - it is a typical millennial story. My experiences in the real world means that I am not simply trying to connect with citizens as politicians frequently do.


Rather, I am one of the ordinary citizens who decided to move into the political sphere.

Our opposition will doubtlessly see my outsider status as a weakness. I believe that my distance from the establishment is one of my greatest strengths. 


My bid for a job in the US House was among the most simple positions I have ever held; to share my ideals and policy stances with you and then to vote accordingly on your behalf.


My youth means that I connect with and understand issues which I grew up alongside. While other politicians struggle to understand modern needs and concerns, I have been steeped in such topics. 

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PA Family Council Recommended  

Recognized Pro-Life
Leader By LifePAC




FOAC Recommended 


ATR Pledge Signatory

"A proven and principled leader              who brings people together." 

- Herschel Miller, Owner & COO of Brookstone Ind.
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