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The WOLF PACK Platform

Luke was a 2020 nominee to congress in PA18. He is an anti-establishment individual who ran on the republican ticket. He has founded AMASA and is a local leader, speaker, author, and content creator.

    "The absence of term limits for Congressional Representatives is among the largest modern problems with America's political system." Most elected officials allow job security, wealth, and fame to taint their decision making. I stand directly opposed to such ideals. America was formed by peole with diverse backgrounds. Business owners, legal activists, and military members came together to form an effective national leadership. I believe that we need to rid ourselves of career politicians in order to breathe new life back into our country's decision makers. Because of this, I will support term limits for all House and Senate members.
    "Abortion - particularly late term and post-birth killings, is a damning mark on American history which was intiated as a racist and corrupt policy." I am a Christian. I value logic. I believe science must influence what we treat as truth. Because of these beliefs, I find that the only morally consistent, intellectually honest, and logical conclusion is that life begins at conception, when new DNA is formed. The size of a human cannot be our standard of life, because an NBA player is no more human than I am. Location and dependency on outside support cannot be our standard of life, because hospitals deal with thousands of patients daily who are located in or attached to things which directly enable their existence. Ultrasounds, genetic studies, and other advances have proven the uniqueness of each life in the womb. I will actively support and fight for anti-murder laws to extend to our infants, in and out of the womb. Mothers who have had abortions are not crimnals. They have been deceived, pressured, and manipulted by our government and society alike.
    "We need to stop school shootings. We need to stop illegal guns from being sold on the black market. Guns, knives, cars, and propane tanks are all tools which American citizens have a right to access freely. Sadly, each of these tools have been abused by evil men and women. We need to punish criminals and empower law abiding citizens." ​ The second amendment was not written to ensure that Americans can always hunt. The second amendment was not written so that US citizens could shoot robbers. It was written because the founders knew that as exceptional as America was, it could some day become just another tyranny-dominated society. Armed populations tend to make abusive leaders think twice - just ask Hitler, the Castro brothers, Mao, and Stalin. Don't get me wrong - American citizens do have the right to use firearms to hunt and protect their houses, but the underlying issue is so much heavier than that. Human technology has changed, but history shows us that human psychology has largely remained the same - people desire power and are willing to hurt others to get it. ​ Guns are not the problem. They never have been, and no, the second amendment was not written to apply only to muskets. I can hear those in opposition saying, "Oh, guns aren't the problem? Tell that to Fort Hood, or Sandy Hook, etc..." to which I say, are propane tanks, cars, hammers, and knives the problem? The Boston Marathon, NYC Attack, and countless homicides would suggest that these items and tools are every bit as dangerous as firearms. The tool is not to blame - the ideology is. Violent crime is a problem. Suicide is a problem. Weapons in the hands of mentally unstable violent criminals is the problem. We are addressing the problem of crime too far down stream. I support the existing background checks for gun owners, but we need to be honest about where this problem originates, and it is not in the magazine of a 9mm. ​Lastly, I support the jobs and safety created by posting armed guards outside of schools. This is a realistic and simple solution which would greatly increase the safety of children across the US.
    "Education is a major foundation of our future, and it should be highly competitive as a consumer field. Competition drives excellence and innovation, which in turn offers children the best chance at a successful and influential future." I support public schooling as an option for all American students, but believe that public education should be treated as an opt-in system. Each family who chooses an alternate source of education (private, home, or online schooling) should be offered special tax exemptions given that their child regularly passes placement testing. This will drive all sources of academics to perform better and more efficiently. ​ I will fight for education reform, meant to modernize America's public schools and make them competitive with the top performers around the world. In recent history, American Public Education has slipped embarrassingly in global scoring. I believe that there is much to learn from select systems in Europe, who focus on hands-on learning at a young age, less hours spent at school houses, less standardized testing, and vocational studies. Such systems reliably outperform our system and should be looked to as models to learn from.
    "No matter how you cut it, the only way to be fair and efficient in taxation is through a single flat tax rate." The only fair tax is a flat tax, not a progressive tax. As someone who grew up in a middle-class home, I am well acquainted with the struggles of middle class living. However, personal struggles do not give me or anyone else the right to demand that others to give more than we are willing to give. Progressive tax rates discourage business growth and encourage mediocrity in our economy. Furthermore, progressive tax rates drive businesses to plant their roots in other countries and regions around the world.
    "We must treat the topic of illegal immigration with a steadfast dedication to justice and an unwavering value for all human life. This is largely possible by drawing a stark line of distinction between illegal immigrants, legal refugees, and migrants. The former group seeks to abuse our system, while the latter two are what America was built upon." ​ All humans are valuable, and illegal immigration offers far too many dangers to be allowed in unchecked existence. Women crossing the border are frequently assaulted by human traffickers, drugs are imported, America's crime problem is added to, and legal immigrants are pushed aside. In order for a country to protect and provide for its citizens, borders are completely necessary. Borders mark the area of responsibility for a government, enable security, and help to create a national identity. Some have called president Trump's support of a border wall wasteful and racist; as a Hispanic American, I say both charges are incorrect. Other countries (Example 1, Example 2) utilize extremely effective border walls, and the sections of the US southern border which do have a physical barrier are far less prone to illegal immigrant entry. In addition to supporting a border wall, I support increased manning to include the possibility of national guard forces being present at our southern border. The modern border crisis is not a race driven issue - it is primarily an issue of financial and security related relevance. Many different ethnic groups cross the southern border illegally - America has historically welcomed diverse peoples, and should continue to do so when they come legally. Drugs, crime, and terrorism are easily brought into the US through our border with Mexico. This does not mean that all guilty parties are Mexican, but rather that all guilty parties use a similar route of travel. Lastly, I will support the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants with a criminal record. Uprooting families who have previously entered and assimilated to the United States is not a priority of mine, but ridding ourselves of criminals and stopping the flow of illegal immigration is. Undocumented immigrants provide a particularly high financial strain on our economy and tax system - a strain we cannot sustain. American veterans suffer from homelessness, American families are in poverty, and yet the Democrat party would have us accept more responsibility when we have not even handled the problems we already possess. We cannot effectively help the world until our own house in in order.
    "We should take care of our world and resources and demand that our allies and trade partners do the same." Climate change is happening. As a matter of fact, climate change has been happening for as long as the world has been in existence. Our planet has gone through multiple fluctuations, with the majority of changes happening prior to industrialization. As a Christian, I believe that humans ought to take care of wildlife and nature, preserving that which we have been entrusted with. However, I will not support the politicization and pseudo-science of global warming meant as a government-driven power grab. Furthermore, it makes absolutely no sense to limit the production of American companies while continually consuming goods from others who do not share our concern for the planet. Leftist leaders limit fracking in the United States, but stand by idly while trade deals are established with Middle Eastern oil and gas producers who abide by extremely reckless and damaging production standards. Leftist leadership cripples American production but allows unrestricted trade with China, a country notorious for damaging Earth's delicate natural balances. In order to effectively address climate change, we must insist that our allies and trade partners abide by the same environmental rules which we do.
    "Medical marijuana is both justified and needed. Recreational marijuana should be left as a choice for each state." ​ I fully support the legalization of medical marijuana, as it has been proven to be a safe and reliable treatment for several damaging diseases - including some which have been historically difficult to treat. I believe that the issue of recreational marijuana should be left as a decision for each state to make. By doing so, states who have legalized the drug may be observed and studied. The beauty of comparative competition between states is that it drives each community to be better, safer, and more efficient.
    "America leads the way in innovation, security, economics, and policy. We do not and should not look to others as our guide. Our military and trade partners need to know where we stand and that we will not back down from threats against them or us." ​ Our international allies need to know that America will not stand by ineffectively while they are threatened and abused. The recent aggressive military and political behavior by Russia in Eastern Europe and the Middle East can not be tolerated. Furthermore, the economic and electronic attacks initiated by China must be addressed and dealt with rather than being ignored or glossed over. Internationally, America should seek peace and mutually beneficial relationships with other countries. I do not support nation building, particularly in the Middle East. Similarly to illegal immigration, I believe that we waste our time, blood, and money on nation building when our own citizens are not yet adequately provided for.
    "As long as your religious practices do not threaten the safety or freedom of another citizen, nobody has the right to forcefully cause you to violate your religious practices or standards." Religious freedom is a corner stone of American culture, and it is one of the primary reasons our nation was founded. All religious practices which do not infringe upon the freedom of another citizen are protected by our nation's constitution. This means that refusing service to a would-be client on the grounds of religious adherence is a protected right for all Americans.
    "Your buying, browsing, and social media history is valuable and personal information. It is currently being taken and used by major corporations without your knowledge or direct consent. I stand opposed to this practice." Your online patterns, purchases, cookies, and browsing history make up a valuable information package. This information is used for marketing, news sharing, shadow banning, and political campaigns. Companies like Facebook and Google track, record, and sell your personal information to the highest bidder. I believe that your information is your property, and that a company which seeks to use such information must do so only with your consent. ​ The owners of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Twitter represent private businesses and thus they have a right to make their own rules concerning content. However, these platforms must be lawfully required to publicly share their content guidelines and to categorize themselves as biased publishers rather than pure, open source, social media sights. The growing power and influence of online media sources requires a new understanding of regulation.
    "Pornography is a dangerous industry with ties to human trafficking, coercion, and measurable negative effects on American families." ​ Internet porn is one of the most damaging epidemics which our young people face in increasing numbers. Fight The New Drug is a non-religious movement with bipartisan support which recognizes the massive and lasting damages done by pornography. Like many people born in the 80's and 90's, I was exposed to pornographic material unwittingly at an extremely young age - this population-wide exposure has brought about mental struggles and temptations that no child or teen should ever have to face.
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